Say ‘Cheese!’


With a household full of boys, it’s hard to keep food in the cabinets. So while we are trying to convert our foods over to gluten free, we’ve been experimenting in the kitchen.

My boys love crackers….of any kind. Cheese, pretzel, wheat, whole grain, herb, seasoned, and most days just plain ‘ol saltines. Saltines are always a good stand-by when you are sick. When my brother and I would get sick as kids, mom always gave us saltines, Sprite and cold wash rag for our stomach. Why this worked I’ve still yet to figure out, but it does. I use it on my kids today and they are convinced it works too.

Anyway, my middle son, who has recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD, love to snack. He is very good at sneaking and finding crackers in my pantry at any time, day or night. Last night for supper we had ‘spaghetti’ of sorts. (Another story, another day.) Normally when we have spaghetti there is ALWAYS garlic bread. Whether it’s Texas Toast garlic bread, making our own or converting hot dog buns to garlic bread, we are having garlic bread. It just goes together!


So instead of the usual garlic bread, I wanted to try something lighter, not so heavy, and again gluten free. I had seen cheese crackers on Pinterest and wondered if they were any good. Well, let’s just say, in 15 minutes they were gone! Apparently you can ‘cook’ any cheese into a cracker.


I used a Five Cheese Italian Blend and Parmesan Cheese along with some basil and garlic powder. That’s it!! As the pictures show, make little piles of cheese on your parchment paper. Then sprinkle on the spices. I cooked mine for about 10-15 minutes on 450 degrees constantly keeping an eye on them. Take them out and let them cool and they are ready to eat! The boys liked them so much I may have to buy cheese in bulk and make a whole batch of them to snack on. And yes, I know it’s cheese and should be eaten in moderation. BUT IT’S CHEESE! Give this quick, easy recipe a try. You won’t regret it!



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